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Types of Carpeting

What is carpeting, and why did people use it in the first place? Carpeting includes a type of floor covering that is used to cover flat surfaces such as floors. Carpeting was developed centuries ago for reasons of warmth, protection from insects and dirt. The most common form of carpeting we know today is referred to as broadloom carpeting which comes in different patterns, colors, and designs.

Different types of carpets you can get:

Soil protector carpeting

This type of carpet is usually made from nylon or polypropylene, which makes it waterproof so that any liquid spills on it will not affect the surface below, thus protecting it from damage. The longevity and durability factor associated with soil protector carpet make it a preferred choice of different people.

Soil protector carpeting or preventative soil carpet is ideal for kitchens, dining rooms, etc. That might not be so easy to maintain because of spillages and stains that adversely affect the floor. Soil protectors are stain-resistant and come with a lifetime guarantee on their warranty. They also do well in businesses such as hospitals, restaurants, offices, etc., where there is high footfall traffic, especially if they are in contact with water at any point in time. However, heavy furniture placed over these carpets can damage them as they aren't very flexible. Because these kinds of carpets have rough surface texture, it would be suitable for households with small children to avoid them from tripping. These carpeting can be purchased in different colors and also have a good reputation for being pet-friendly.

Sidewalk carpeting:

Also known as matting, these types of carpets cover the surface areas in front of buildings such as offices, hospitals, homes, etc. The material used to make sidewalk carpeting is usually made from recycled plastic materials; they are highly resistant to fire, making them an ideal choice for covering your front porch or entrance area. There are so many types of sidewalk pavement available today. A few examples include playground sidewalk mats, doormats, and entrance mats, just to mention a few. They come in various colors, including black, grey, and transparent, thus making them ideal for a patio area with high outdoor traffic.

Grooved Carpeting:

Also referred to as Lock carpet, it is made from polyester and comes in different patterns. This type of carpet can be used all year round but will only look its best when used outside. They are also very easy to install, which makes them an excellent option for people who aren't so handy at DIY projects. You don't need any tools or glue to install groove carpets; all you have to do is press the pieces together, and they will fit perfectly, just like a puzzle piece. It isn't very cheap, though, because it usually costs more than other types of carpeting in the market today, but its versatility and durability make up for that cost.

Grooved carpeting is ideal for high-traffic areas. They are very good at covering the ground effectively to avoid any slips or falls on slippery surfaces, especially when it rains. It can also be used as padding beneath a rug so that you don't have to walk on cold floor surfaces and puddles simultaneously.

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