Here is our list of top celebrities from Pittsburgh, PA.
Andy Warhol was born and raised in Pittsburgh. He is most famous for his pop art, which was a very different way to express art in the 1960’s. His works sell are known to fetch astronomical prices, as he has a very unique and different perspective which is widely known and enjoyed. Andy was also a film director and producer.
Jeff Goldblum, born in 1952 in Pittsburgh, has starred in big ticket movies such as the Jurassic Park Series and Independence day. He is an A-lister who never had a shortage of movie or TV shows to appear in.
Gene Kelly, who you probably know as a famous actor, singer, and dancer, was born in Pittsburgh in 1912. He has won many awards in his career, and is well respected amongst the celebrity A lister circles.
Gillian Maclaren Jacobs was born in Pittsburgh in 1982. She has appeared in many films and is growing in her career. Most notably she was in the Netflix Series Community and Mickey Dobbs on Love.
James Irwin served as an aeronautical engineer in the United States Air Force. He was the lunar module pilot for the fourth human lunar landing in 1971, Apollo 15, and was the eighth person to walk on the Moon. James was born in 1930 in Pittsburgh and has achieved many awards and nominations in his career.
Born in 1952, Jeff Goldblum was raised in Pittsburgh PA. He relocated to New York City to debut on Broadway later in life. Jeff has been in many movies and tv shows, including Will and Grace as the most notable. He has many talents that stretch across the musical and acting forum.
Joe Namath, also known as Broadway Joe, was an All-American football quarterback for the Jets and Rams. He was born in Pittsburgh in 1943 and had 4 brothers. He hosted a sports show (The Joe Namath Show) and appeared in some movies and TV shows.
Joe Manganiello was born in Pittsburgh in 1976. He started acting at Carnegie Melon University and has appeared in many movies and tv shows, most notably Magic Mike. He is married to famous actress Sofia Vergara.
Mark Cuban, most notably from Shark Tank, was born in 1958 in Pittsburgh PA. He is one of the richest men in the world, and his start came from a company he founded called MicroSolutions. He worked his way into owning many businesses, and also owns the Dallas Mavericks.